Alex Iwobi compares Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti with legendary Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger ahead of Leeds clash


Alex Iwobi claimed that playing under Carlo Ancelotti is almost exactly like playing under Arsene Wenger.

The 24-year-old came through the Arsenal ranks while Wenger was manager and was an important member of his squad towards the end of his tenure at the north London club.

Alex Iwobi joined Everton in 2019

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Alex Iwobi joined Everton in 2019

Just a year after the Frenchman left he was sold to Everton and is now coached by Ancelotti.

Iwobi believes the similarities between the two are startling.

He spoke to talkSPORT ahead of Everton’s clash with Leeds on Saturday – with commentary of the 5.30pm kick-off exclusively live on talkSPORT.

Iwobi said: “The way they trust their tactics is one of a kind, it’s almost like playing for the same manager. They both want the best out of their players, they give an opportunity to each and every player and the youngsters in cup games and use the whole squad, everyone is involved.

“It’s almost like playing under the same manager and the accomplishments speak for themselves what they’ve been able to achieve.

“I’m lucky to play under both managers.”

Arsene Wenger gave Iwobi his debut at Arsenal

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Arsene Wenger gave Iwobi his debut at Arsenal

Iwobi has traditionally been a winger but was given a new position by Ancelotti while he deals with a number of injury problems in defence.

Lucas Digne and Seamus Coleman are both out injured meaning Iwobi played as a wing-back against Fulham enjoying some success.

He said: “The manager spoke to me and said ‘we’re thinking of trying a new system and trying you in a different position’. I was like ‘I’d be open to do that’ and he told me it would be right wing-back and I said I could do it and didn’t mind.

“Before we played against Fulham we were working on it in training and it seemed to work, especially going forward.

“When we played against Fulham it was working, especially in the first half and was working very well.

Carlo Ancelotti has given Iwobi a new position at Everton

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Carlo Ancelotti has given Iwobi a new position at Everton

“It was something we experimented with and turned out to be okay.

“Me collecting the ball deeper means the left-back isn’t as tight to me. He’s either going to follow James (Rodriguez) inside or give me that extra space.

“When I have that space to run at a defender I’m picking up speed and I feel like it’s easier for me to get by the defender.

“That second goal I was able to glide by a couple of players. It suited me, especially in that first half.”

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