Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, Floyd Mayweather, Lennox Lewis and Dillian Whyte have their say on exhibition fight


Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr are returning to the ring for an exhibition fight this weekend.

The fight between 54-year-old Tyson and 51-year-old Jones has an intriguing set of rules laid down and it appears nobody really knows exactly what’s going to happen.

Mike Tyson will take on Roy Jones Jr in California on Saturday night


Mike Tyson will take on Roy Jones Jr in California on Saturday night

But everyone has an opinion on it and here, talkSPORT looks at what boxing’s best fighters have said about the so-called exhibition.

Oscar De La Hoya – Mike Tyson

“Look, I love both guys. I love both guys.

“But in boxing – and I think Teofimo [Lopez] proved it [against Lomachenko] – a good, big guy always beats a good, small guy.

“So I’m gonna have to go with Tyson but it wouldn’t surprise me if Roy Jones Jr pulled something off like he always has in his career.”

De La Hoya thinks Tyson will emerge victorious

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De La Hoya thinks Tyson will emerge victorious

David Haye – Roy Jones Jr

Haye told Seconds Out: “Roy Jones for eight, two-minute rounds or whatever they are boxing. I think he would do that.

“Mike Tyson, I think can maybe roll back the clock for five/ten seconds, twice a round maybe, and then that’s it. I don’t believe he is going to have many bursts…

“After Mike Tyson’s let off that first barrage, how long is it gonna be before he can throw his next?

“And in that gap where he’s recovering, how much damage is Roy Jones gonna be able to do?

“I’m just heavily favouring Roy Jones Jr in this fight.”

Haye believes Jones Jr has the upper hand

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Haye believes Jones Jr has the upper hand

Dillian Whyte – Mike Tyson

Whyte told iFL TV: “They both shouldn’t be fighting to be honest, they both shouldn’t be fighting.

“You’re gonna favour Mike because Roy’s chin is completely gone.

“Roy’s last few fights. You know when Roy’s chin started to go? After he moved up to heavyweight, fought John Ruiz and then came back down.

“He was getting knocked out with punches that weren’t even touching him before. Punches that he could take. He was getting knocked down or out with punches that had no affect on him years ago.

“Roy’s a fighter that’s pure reflexes and timing. When that goes, you’re in problems. Mike’s got power.

“If you’re looking to pick a winner I pick Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson’s a real heavyweight.”

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Whyte is not a fan of the idea

Mark Robinson/Matchroom

Whyte is not a fan of the idea

Lennox Lewis

Lewis told BT Sport: “I didn’t feel we would ever see Mike Tyson back in the ring.

“I thought he was very happy doing his different businesses around the world being a movie star.

“But to come back in the ring and fight? Everybody loves Mike Tyson, everybody loves Roy Jones and they just want to see them in the ring again.

“So it’s not a bad thing. And at his age I think it’s good that he can actually push himself to actually step back in the ring.

“You have to remember how Roy Jones is. Roy Jones is one of the quickest fighters out there when he was fighting.

“He moves around the ring, he’s not gonna be an easy target. This type of fight, he’s not looking to get hit.

“Until Mike Tyson catches up with him – if he catches up with him, we’re gonna see a good fight.”

Lewis knocked out Tyson when they fought in 2002


Lewis knocked out Tyson when they fought in 2002

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Teofimo Lopez

Lopez said: “Roy Jones or Mike Tyson?

“I’m happy for them, really, the fact that at their age now they’re still putting in the work, looking tremendous.

“I want both of them to win, but that can’t happen.

“So I think the fans are gonna win that night. I’m looking forward to it.

“Mike Tyson though, he’s scary at 54 years of age doing what he’s doing right now. But Roy’s smart too.”

Lopez dethroned Vasyl Lomachenko last month

Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Lopez dethroned Vasyl Lomachenko last month

Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather said: “I think we seem to forget about who’s the pioneer of making exhibition bouts huge.

“A lot of times we forget about certain things… I mean, I think that it’s gonna be very interesting.

“I’m not here to say Tyson’s gonna win, I’m not here to say Roy’s gonna win.

“I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be entertaining, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna watch it.”

Mayweather picked up a million payday for three minutes of work in a 2018 exhibition

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Mayweather picked up a $9million payday for three minutes of work in a 2018 exhibition

Anthony Joshua

Joshua told GQ before the fight was announced: “This is what we breathe, this is what we are.

“And especially someone like ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, that’s all that man knows.

“So for everyone else it’s a comeback, but for him it’s just what he does. He’s a fighter, right?

“He probably just took a little break, but for everybody else it’s like, ‘Oh my God, Mike Tyson’s making a comeback.’

“But for Mike Tyson it’s like, ‘This is what I do, I’m a fighter by nature.’

“If he’s back in the ring, I would love to see it, I would definitely be one of the viewers, that’s for sure.

“He’s the closest guy to my generation so he holds a special place in my heart.”

AJ admires ‘Iron Mike’

Getty Images – Getty

AJ admires ‘Iron Mike’

Tyson Fury

Fury told iFL TV before the fight was announced: “I’m all for Mike making a comeback and I’ve said to him, fulfil that dream, do it. I told him that. Life’s too short for regrets and you’ll come to an age where you can’t do anything.

“If you want to make a comeback and go under the lights and move around like a true warrior, then do it.

“I’m not a dream killer and I’m sure before he even gets in the ring there will be a lot of tests and examinations done on him to make him medically fit to fight.

“If he can pass all them tests then I’ll buy a pay-per-view.”

Tyson Fury’s father named him after Mike Tyson


Tyson Fury’s father named him after Mike Tyson

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