David Haye says he believes Dillian Whyte wants to fight him after hearing social media insults from ‘Body Snatcher’


David Haye has insisted he is not planning a boxing comeback in the near future, despite his suspicion that someone is trying to lure him into one.

The former cruiserweight and heavyweight champion last week received some social media insults from Dillian Whyte and has now reacted to the barrage.

The ‘Haymaker’ is not going to be tempted to fight again

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The ‘Haymaker’ is not going to be tempted to fight again

Haye had previously given an interview in which he dismissed the idea that Whyte’s knockout loss to Alexander Povetkin was the result of a lucky punch.

Whyte is adamant he never claimed the shot was a ‘lucky punch’ to begin with.

He replied first on Instagram, posting a story in reaction to Haye’s comments which read: “What is this c**k s***er talking about now?”

Whyte later added on Twitter: “David w***ing himself out again. No-one said nothing about lucky punch. #MYTOE”

Whyte made his feelings known

Whyte made his feelings known

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Now, when asked if there’s an issue between them, Haye told iFL TV: “Probably, there’s an issue with everybody and Dillian Whyte.

“I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have an issue with Dillian Whyte.

“If you say anything that isn’t, ‘He’s great,’ then he’s gonna have an issue with you…

“I haven’t got any beef with him, I’m sure he hates my guts and thinks I’m a scumbag.

Whyte was less than pleased with Haye’s comments

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Whyte was less than pleased with Haye’s comments

“If he wants to call me a c**k s***er, okay.

“I’m not gonna get in his face and go, ‘Did you call me a c**k s***er?’ Because then the next thing you know David Haye vs Dillian Whyte’s on. No thanks.

“Maybe that’s what he wants, maybe he wants to hit a nerve where I think, ‘I’m in good shape, I can beat him.’

“He actually said, after I got knocked out against Tony Bellew, he then came up to me saying he wants to fight me.

Haye retired after his 2018 defeat to Bellew

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Haye retired after his 2018 defeat to Bellew

“And I’m thinking, ‘I just got beat up by Tony Bellew, why would you wanna fight me? Why not fight Tony Bellew? He just won.’

“But I think he wants my name on his record. Even if it’s an old, washed up Haye.

“40-year-old, washed up Haye – he wants that scalp on his record.

“But unfortunately he can’t have it I’m afraid. It’s all tucked away now.”

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