How Donald Trump ended up taking the worst Stone Cold Stunner of all-time from Steve Austin at WWE WrestleMania


Although there are some voting trends to clear up, it does appear as though Donald Trump has lost his bid to serve a second term as the President of the United States.

Joe Biden is the new president-elect and Trump’s reign in the White House appears to be over.

Vince McMahon and Trump have a long history


Vince McMahon and Trump have a long history

Still, Trump will always be a WWE Hall of Famer, and that’s not an accolade you normally associate with the POTUS!

The height of Trump’s association with WWE came at WrestleMania 23 in the Battle of the Billionaires with Vince McMahon.

Trump and McMahon was represented by Bobby Lashley and Umaga respectively and they battled it out at WrestleMania to see why billionaire would be shaved bald.

While Trump has a combative reputation, Lashley said he just wanted to help WWE’s show the best he could.

“He actually came into the position and was like, ‘look man I want to make this as great as possible, so tell me what I can do’.

“He didn’t tell me how to do my match, he didn’t tell Vince how to run WWE, he just came in and said, ‘this is awesome, tell me what I could do on my part to make this the best ever,’ and he did his part.”

Trump was victorious in his battle with McMahon and they created a real WrestleMania moment

Trump was victorious in his battle with McMahon and they created a real WrestleMania moment

As part of Trump’s appearance, Stone Cold Steve Austin, McMahon’s fiercest ever rival, was inserted as the special guest referee in the match.

Lashley and Trump would win, but that would still see Austin hit Trump with a Stone Cold Stunner after the match – but it didn’t quite go according to plan.

Trump did not take the Stunner well at all – as you’d imagine for a guy who has never had to – and the only one that rivals that as being as bad is one Vince McMahon took before!

Although Trump didn’t receive it well, he did want to do it for the good of the show. Austin has praised Trump’s willingness to do it since, even though his advisor told him not to.

“We’re in the back area. 90,000 people out there Ford Field and he goes ‘Steve come over here. I’m gonna see if I can get Trump take a stunner’. I said, ‘Aw bull shit’. I said, ‘ You think he will?’ He goes, ‘I know Donald, he’ll do it.’

“So he says ‘Donald, come over here’ and he goes, ‘Steve this is Donald Trump.’ ‘Hey, Mr. Trump. How are you doing?’ And I met him. He goes ‘Listen I was thinking about after everything is all said and done. Steve would hit you with his finished move.’

‘Well what is it?’ ‘Well it’s called a stunner and it kind of goes like this.

Stone Cold hitting the stunner on Trump

Stone Cold hitting the stunner on Trump

“And Donald Trump’s right hand guy all of a sudden goes, ‘Oh no no no no you don’t need to do that there’s a million reasons why you shouldn’t do that. And here’s why.’

“But Donald asked Vince ‘You think it’ll help the show?’ He goes ‘Oh Donald they’ll go crazy.’ So Donald Trump was was man enough to go out there and, we botched it.

Trump had boos throughout his induction

Trump had boos throughout his induction

“It was the slickest stunner that I ever delivered but I give him credit. Whatever anyone’s opinion is that he did was cool enough and in a Showtime event like that event to go out there and be a part of the show and make people happy. I dug it,” Austin said.

Who knows, now Trump has some more free time he might want to turn up on WWE TV and have another stab at it!

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