The Young Bucks discuss FTR’s criticism of the build to their dream match, react to PWI top ten tag teams omission


The Young Bucks and FTR was a tag team match years in the making.

Way before AEW existed, both teams were commonly regarded as the best tag teams in the world.

How could they ever meet? Most thought the Bucks would have to head to WWE, but then AEW was born.

Young Bucks and FTR has been a dream match for years

Young Bucks and FTR has been a dream match for years

As soon as FTR landed in WWE earlier this year, minds immediately raced to the prospect of the match going ahead and at Full Gear in November, it finally did.

talkSPORT caught up with AEW Tag Team champions The Young Bucks this week to discuss the release of their book ‘Young Bucks: Killing the Business from Backyards to the Big Leagues’ and they talked about how difficult it was to live up to expectations with FTR.

On FTR being critical of the build to their dream match, how the match delivered…

Nick: There was always going to be pressure on us to deliver in a match like that. There’s not many more dream tag matches in wrestling anymore, so we knew when we did this one, it has to be good.

We actually tried to push the match back a little further. We were thinking our February PPV, but, for whatever reason it didn’t work out and we had to get it going.

We did have to rush a lot of the storytelling to get to Full Gear, but when it’s all said and done, we look back at it now, I love that we did it then. The moment felt real and special and I’m just so happy it’s over with [laughs].

Young Bucks are now the AEW Tag Team champions

Young Bucks are now the AEW Tag Team champions

Matt: It was really tough because here’s this match that everyone said was never going to happen and it was being built for four or five years. Everybody’s loft expectations are already intimidating to you and everybody expects so much.

That’s probably one reason why people were criticising the build because in their minds, they built it up to be different and something else. Right out of the gate I told Nick we’re in trouble because no matter how good this match is, its still not happening in front of 15,000 screaming fans, its going to be in front of 1,000 socially distanced fans wearing masks in an outdoor arena where the weather is usually bad.

Everything that could possibly be working against or impairing the viewing experience was playing against us. It was almost impossible to overcome that and at the same time, have the match that everyone is expecting because they don’t expect a good match or even a great match, they want a classic match. That’s what is in their brains.

The four of us had a lot of pressure and that might have been the most pressure I ever felt. So for us to have the match that we did –  and I’ve heard people say one of the greatest tag matches ever – I don’t know if it was one of the greatest tag matches ever but I will say this, that might be the most proud I’ve ever been after a match, to overcome those odds.

FTR held the gold heading into the showdown at Full Gear

FTR held the gold heading into the showdown at Full Gear

The finish, for me, was such great storytelling and they get 100 percent of the credit, it was their idea. They came to us with that and immediately Nick and I looked at each other and went ‘that’s the finish!’ There’s no argument, that was it. It was perfect.

Will there be another dream match? Absolutely. I don’t know if we’ll rush right into it. We’ll let it breath for a second and eventually, we’ll do the rematch.

On not ranking in PWI’s top ten tag teams…

Nick: I sent Matt a screenshot of the cover and I was like ‘get out of here! This is like a rib on us at this point!’ What do we got to prove?

I think they’re more into the kayfabe aspect of the listing, so if you see it as that, yeah, maybe we shouldn’t have made the top 10 because we lost almost every big match that we had. So I guess if you go off of that, it makes some sense?

Matt: I don’t mind it. I always feel like we perform best with a chip on our shoulder so if the list is a kayfabe list or not or it’s how they feel, that’s great.

The Young Bucks are pivotal to AEW

AEW’s rally

The Young Bucks are pivotal to AEW

Let me continue to surprise people and be the underdog in situations like that. Here we are as the AEW Tag Team champions and if you watch our matches, we still work best when we’re fighting from underneath.

Whenever critics say things about us or there’s arguments about whether we’re good or if we’re a cancer to the wrestling business or if we’ve done well, I love that there’s these debates. That puts that chip on our shoulder.

Nick: Yeah, you’re right. It gives us more fuel. If we didn’t have the fuel then we would probably have just quit by now! So we’re not going to stop until we’ve cemented our legacy.

Matt: What else is there to prove?! Clearly there is a lot, but I think we’ll have one of those careers where in 10-20 years when we’re far removed from the business I think people will go ‘oh, they did help the wrestling business!’

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