WWE star Daniel Bryan set to debut new look on SmackDown after making big change


Daniel Bryan seems to be in the twilight of his career in many ways and is determined to help new talent get over in WWE.

The Leader of the Yes Movement is 39 years old and has already battled back from retirement once in his career and is now committed to putting a new generation over.

Daniel Bryan is a huge star in WWE and has teased he is nearing the end of his career


Daniel Bryan is a huge star in WWE and has teased he is nearing the end of his career

Big E has already revealed that Bryan is behind his solo push in WWE right now and he recently was the subject of an attack from Jey Uso at the behest of Roman Reigns.

Bryan hasn’t been seen on TV since then and it seems as though the five-time world champion has got himself a new look since being off TV.

Bryan is, of course, married to Brie Bella and they have two children together. In a recent video from The Bella Twins’ YouTube channel, Bryan showed off his new look that you can see below.

Daniel Bryan’s new look in all its glory

Daniel Bryan’s new look in all its glory

Bryan is famed for his long scraggy hair and matching beard, but it seems like he is joining the common world of fades and grooming with this look!

It’s a bit of a departure for Bryan and it will be interesting to see how this look works for him in the ring.

Speaking of which – Bryan is expected to return in the coming weeks and potentially pick things up with Reigns following his skirmish with Drew McIntyre at Survivor Series.

Bryan, like AJ Styles, has already said that he is in the midst of his final WWE full-time contract and he has no intention to sign another one once it expires.

WWE will do all they can to change his mind one would think, but it’s believed that Bryan wants to be a present father to his children.

He has been involved in WWE production meetings for a long time now and it could be easy for him to transition into a backstage role should that be his wish.

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