2020 Election Hangs on Arizona and Legal Challenges


Meanwhile, the final call on the 2020 presidential elections is still up in the air. The outcome now hangs on the developments in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona, which Biden would need to reach the 270 Electoral College votes, and which may still be overturned by lawsuits filed by the Trump administration around changes to voting laws ahead of the elections, on incidents of observers being denied access to key locations where votes are still being counted, and of other issues. We’ll be taking an in-depth look at this.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration reiterated its position on China just ahead of the elections. On Nov. 2 the National Security Council issued a statement saying that Trump’s policy on China is to put America first, and that it recognizes the Chinese Communist Party as a threat to America’s economic and political way of life. It stated, “We are no longer turning a blind eye to the People’s Republic of China’s conduct nor are we hiding our criticism of its Communist Party behind closed doors.”

And, the Trump administration went ahead of and cleared the sale of sophisticated drones to Taiwan. The clearance by the State Department was outlined in a formal notification to Congress, in a move that the People’s Republic of China has been deeply unhappy about. Congress will have 30 days to object to the sale, but this isn’t likely to happen, given that it has had bipartisan support.

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