Wisconsin Clerks Fill Out Witness Addresses


If you want to vote by mail in Wisconsin, you must have a witness sign a certificate and submit it with your ballot. The witness has to write his or her address on it as well.

State law says if the address is missing, the ballot may not be counted.

But election officials in the state instructed clerks to fill out the address if missing. An official said they would use Google or other means to get the addresses.

Former Supreme Court Justice for the state Michael Gableman told The Epoch Times that if an address is missing, the ballot is spoiled or invalid.

But the Wisconsin Elections Commission has said that guidance issued in 2016 approved clerks filling out any missing address information.

Apparently, the instructions have been in place for 11 state-wide elections, including the 2016 presidential election and recount. The commission says no one has objected to it until now.

The commission claims the law requires an address, but does not specify who should write it in. A poll watcher in Milwaukee told The Epoch Times she saw clerks filling out addresses in red ink. And other poll watchers said they saw the red ink on absentee ballots that were counted on Election Day.

Still others said their access to the counting floor was severely restricted and they could only access 20 of the 200 counting tables in the downtown Milwaukee facility.

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