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Charles-Henri Gallois, the President of Generation Frexit, labelled the European Union as a totally useless institution. He added that France would benefit if the EU’s recovery plan failed and that there should be a referendum on the €40 million expenditure linked to the plan.  

Mr Gallois said: “I have the impression that MEPs want to show that they are useful when everyone knows that the European Parliament is a totally useless institution.

“As you said, this is only an announcement because it has to be validated by the national parliaments and the national governments. Countries like Hungary and Poland, which are the target of this, could overturn the recovery plan, so this is far from over.

“We obviously support the freedom of the press and the separation of powers, that’s normal, but it’s ironic when that comes from the European Union, which does not respect the separation of powers itself.

“I remind you, the European Commission is an unelected institution and now they are giving lessons in democracy and the separation of powers to elected governments like the ones in Hungary and Poland, it’s a joke.

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“The European Parliament doesn’t know anything. If there is one institution that is not democratic and that does not respect the separation of powers is the European Union.”

The French campaigner also shared his opinion on the European Union’s recovery plan.

He said: “If the recovery plan fails, that is very good news for France because it will be extremely expensive.

“If we were part of a democratic institution, but this is not the case with the EU, an extra expense of 40 billion euros should be looked into.

Mr Gallois also stated that the single euro market system benefits Germany but harms France.

He said: “Germany pays for this recovery plan because Germany has an interest in keeping this single euro market system that brings benefits to them, but France is going to overpay to maintain a system that harms the country.

“If we had a head of state who defended the interests of France and the French, this recovery plan, as it exists today, would never have taken place, but it goes ahead because France is not defending its national interests. France agrees to pay for others and maintain a system that harms us.

“The French must be consulted. When we see that there is not enough money for hospitals in the context of this COVID-19 crisis, but we have to pay 40 billion to the EU, I think the French should have a say in that.”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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