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The incident took place in the city centre of Trier, in south-western Germany, where a Christmas market had taken place. Local reports claim the car was driven “at speed” from the city’s gate Porta Nigra towards the crowd. Police confirmed the 51-year-old driver, from the Trier-Saarburg district, was arrested.

Police confirmed several people had been killed and a number of others more were injured.

But tey added there was “no longer any danger”. 

The police said at a press conference: “At the moment we can’t say anything about the background.

“We are present in the city centre with a large number of emergency services.”

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“Taking care of the injured takes precedence.”

Shocking video footage on social media shows police swarming the area that is blocked off while investigations are carried out. 

People can also be seen picking up damaged items from the market and trying to clear away debris scattered across the roads and pavements. 

A police cordon was also put in place as people were advised to keep away. 


It is not yet known why the crash took place. 

The Trierischer Volksfreund local newspaper quoted an eyewitness as saying a dark grey Range Rover was driving at high speed and people had been thrown through the air.

It said the city centre had been cordoned off and helicopters were circling overhead.

An eyewitness told Trierischer Volksfreund they saw a pram flying through the air at the market.

Another witness described their horror at seeing multiple people being forced to jump away from the car. 

They told FOCUS Online: “I saw countless people jumping to the side, over 30 people were lying on the street, some of them motionless.

“The city centre was very busy.”

 A passerby reported that the car also hit children.

The spokesman for the Federal Government and Head of the Federal Press Office Steffen Siebert said: “What happened in Trier is staggering.

“The thoughts are with the relatives of the victims, with the numerous injured and with everyone who is currently on duty to care for those affected.”

A bigger version of the Christmas market had been cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The crash echoes am incident four years ago when a truck drove through a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 shoppers.

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